How meetings are run is how your company is run

Meet Scalar, a Meeting Operating System to help you completely change how your company communicates, aligns and gets more work done

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Some thoughts

What's Scalar vision? What are you building?

We love to see a company as a product. They way you think as how your users interact with your product is the way you have to see your employees interacting within your company. Call it operating model or company OS, we want to help companies to be more organized in order to scale better so we are building a company OS, in which communication is a central part.

When can I start using it?

We have started working in beta mode with some early users, validating that our product creates value. Join the waitlist and we will start onboarding new users progressively. You can jump up positions by sharing about Scalar on Social Media.

Psst! You can already try our first product: Scalar Insight

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