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Improve the meeting culture in your company with Meeting Guidelines

Create a culture of focus and best meeting practices that enables your company to operate at lightning speed

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How Meeting Guidelines works

We have designed this tool with the employee in mind, so that collective time is better used in the organizations and employees don't have to start working at 5pm

Configured in less than 5 minutes

Connect your Google Workspace to retrieve all meeting data. Note: Right now, only Google Workspace Administrators can do it.

After that, you can easily Enable or Disable your preferred guidelines from our library.

Finally, you can also create your own Guidelines.
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No new workflows, easy adoption

Employees download a Google Chrome extension that automatically adds an extra layer of information in their Google Calendar. Thus, employees don't have to use a new tool or learn a new process, maximizing adoption.

This extra layer of information allow companies to keep a constant communications and reminders regarding the guidelines to follow, fully automating the process.
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Understand the impact of your guidelines

Up until now, companies setting up guidelines had no data regarding the impact of their policies, relying in conversations and surveys.

With Scalar you can have all the data and feedback live and fully automated.

How many meetings are bing made in the No Meeting Day? How many meetings still have no agenda? Check it out!
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A good meeting culture;
Intentional meetings & time to build

Psst! Scalar Insight, our meeting cost calculator, is included with Guidelines

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