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Help your employees to be more intentional about their meetings

Break your company bad meeting habits and make informed decisions about your time by understanding the meeting cost

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Trusted by companies in 20+ countries

Invite everyone, without compromising salary confidentiality

Comprehensive view of your entire company meeting landscape

Get valuable insights about your company: time at meetings per employee, total spend etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn more here and reach us via chat (bottom right side of this page) if you have any further questions.
Will my employees be able to get the salary of other employees?
What if I don't want to connect my HR system?
What about the employees with no salary visibility?
What implementation is required? How do you know the real meeting cost?

Insight results in numbers


Time in meetings

Less time spent daily in internal meetings. +2,5 hours of work per week gained


Meeting burnout

Meeting fatigue reduced, increased meeting satisfaction


# of meetings

Almost 4 less meetings per employee per month achieved

Less meetings, more time to build.

This is the first product release of Scalar, a full Meeting Operating System to radically improve how your company communicates, collaborates and gets work done.
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