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How can we implement Scalar?

To implement Scalar, you need to have an Admin role at both Google Calendar and your HCM (Human Resources) software. If you don't have both, you will need to share it with whomever has it in your team in order to connect and get the data

What HCM softwares do you support?

We support an extensive list of HCM providers to have you covered, you can see the list here (including BambooHR, Gusto, Personio, Factorial, Deel, Payfit, Zenefits etc.). We work with a reliable third party called Merge to achieve those connections.

What info do you take from the HCM? And from Google Calendar?

We get from the HCM API the employee email and the annual gross salary, in order to make the calculations regarding the meeting costs. The HCM API always make available a much comprehensive list of information to Merge (e.g., employee account number) that we do not need.
We get from Google Calendar the email and the information regarding the meetings (name of the meeting, attendees, agenda, duration etc.)

Will the employees be able to see other people salaries?

No, only those people with access to salary (can be configured) will see the real meeting cost and will have access to the analytics panel. Those without salary visibility will only see a color code and a bar to get a sense of the meeting cost plus a comparable like a flight ticket from X to Y (we use comparables that have variable price tags so that it can be looked up, for example, flight tickets, hotel nights, restaurant meals etc.)

Who has access to the meeting analytics?

Only those employees with salary visibility (can be configured)