Introducing Meeting Guidelines - Establishing a Productive Meeting Culture

17 Dic 2023
3 min read

Do you find yourself constantly interrupted by meetings, feeling like your day only starts after 5 pm?

We've experienced this in our previous companies, and those in the 100+ companies we've worked with since releasing our meeting cost calculator feel it too.

At Scalar, our mission is to help scaling companies consistently achieve their goals by implementing an effective operating model, or Company OS. 

Meetings are helpful for achieving goals, but often they get in the way. Days are filled with meetings and interruptions, slowing down real progress.

Due to current market changes, companies seek efficient, sustainable growth and thus, require a good balance between coordinating stuff and doing stuff. In response, we present Meeting Guidelines.

Introducing Scalar Meeting Guidelines

Meeting Guidelines is a product designed to help employees adhere to meeting best practices at scale while providing companies with insightful impact data. 

Examples of meeting guidelines include implementing a “No Meeting Day” (or morning), including the agenda and purpose of the meeting, and considering email first. 

How Meeting Guidelines works: 

- Companies use the product to understand the current meeting situation through our data dashboard (How many meetings per person? What are the most crowded recurrent meetings?).

- They choose meeting guidelines from our library or create custom ones.

- Employees download our Chrome extension, seamlessly integrating it into their Google Calendar experience.

- The extension prompts employees with suggested guidelines when scheduling meetings, guiding them on best practices.

- Companies can monitor the impact of their guidelines and adjust if needed.  

Why do you need Meeting Guidelines 

While you may have set meeting guidelines for your company already, dealing with human habits requires rooting these guidelines in your company culture or else keep communicating them constantly in All Hands, print them in the meeting rooms etc.

Also, without data and feedback, it's challenging to know if guidelines are being followed, need adjustment, or are being beneficial for employees. 

Scalar Meeting Guidelines help ease the communication required and give you all the necessary data. 

Employees require effective meetings for decision-making but also need uninterrupted time to work. Currently, there's an imbalance costing companies valuable execution time.

Try Meeting Guidelines today

In summary, Meeting Guidelines is not about adding bureaucracy, it’s about making employees more mindful about their time and meetings and strengthening your culture towards one of focus and building. 

You can try Meeting Guidelines today by signing up for the product here, or schedule a time to chat with us to understand how to implement the tool or how it can help you. 

Note: Currently, only Google Workspace Admins can set up the tool on their own for a trial. Talk to us if you want to try the tool but you are not a Google Workspace Administrator. 

Intentional meetings & time to build

* Scalar Insight, our previously launched Meeting Cost Calculator will also be included in this new product.

Co-founder & CEO, Scalar